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What our customers are saying about Marketing Manager and our add on's
"You guys have blown me away so far" - "I cant believe what you guys have done it's awesome!!"
Alex Brecher - 123language.com and SuccessfulHosting.com
"It's so fast at what it's doing! Wonderful! We would normally spend hours sorting through repeat customers by hand"
Virinder Jandoo - multipharmacy.com
"I think MM is going to get real popular and I like the idea of the plug in modules"
Colin Aub - Warhawkindustries.com
"It's great. Honest. I am very, very impressed with what y'all have come up with. The install was a breeze.""
Anand - ADPmods.com

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What is Marketing Manager for x-cart and how does it help me sell more?

Marketing manager is a product we have developed specifically to allow you to sell more to your existing customers base. It works by data mining your orders, categories, products and subscription lists to filter out and allow you to group customers and then either let you send them a personalized email offer, or exporting their emails/contact details for other methods of contacting them.

It works by making use of your shop structure and customer order history that you have on your system.

It also works together with many of our other add on's to form what is known as Marketing Manager 2.0 PRO bundle

Will it really help me?

YES! It's helps many of our customers sites make extra thousands of dollars by providing them with the information and tools they need to up sell, optimize, create loyal customers and understand their business in a more controlled way.

This is not a "quick fix" promise, this is a proven, tested range of add on's that have been developed specifically for real business.

Marketing manager is a very low cost way of allowing you to quickly and easily increase your sales, it is a known fact that existing customers are far easier to sell more products to than finding completely new ones. On an average size shop with only a few hundred orders on it marketing manager can pay for itself within it's first few uses. It's used everyday by our customers to increase their sales, optimize their sites, understand both their customers and sales.

Tell me a few smart features Marketing Manager Pro Bundle has!

    Ok, here's just a few things to get you interested:,

  1. Send Personalised Targeted Emails your customers based on products they have ordered, categories they have ordered from, the country they come from, their last login date, why? So you can upsell them more, existing customers are proven to respond better to personalised targetted emails and are more likely to buy from you again.
  2. Send HTML newsletters,
  3. Track your customers LIVE on your site, watch what they do,
  4. See exactly what keywords your customers entered into the Major search engines to find your site
  5. See product reports, category reports, customer reports
  6. Track your marketing campaigns, clicks from your newsletters, adverts etc


I only have a few orders and a few accounts, will this still help me?

YES! Marketing Manager is specifically designed through years of experience in e-commerce to help you grow your site. One of the best things about Marketing Manager is as your shop grows Marketing Managers value to continually increases, the more orders you have the more you can use it to up sell. In addition to this Marketing Manager also has modules that show you category revenue performance, product performance and shop performance reports so you can see within seconds which products/categories are making you money. It's ability to search any data via date ranges means you can also see which of your promotions are working and which aren't.

The X-cart specific Traffic Monitor add on is fantastic for helping you track your sites visitors, search engines and learning what your customers want, which advertising is working for you and which isn't.

Won't this affect my x-cart installation and isn't it hard to install?

No it won't. We have carefully designed Marketing Manager so it does not affect your x-cart installation in any way! It is a self contained program that does not interfere with your x-cart database tables or any workings of your shop. All current and future Marketing Manager add on modules are designed in such a way that they automatically add themselves to the program after you upload them to the marketing manager folder. Installing Marketing Manager in the first place is very easy. If you would rather we did it we also offer a very low cost installation service.

Feature list

Please see our comparison table for a complete list of all features.

NOTE: Marketing Manager PRO bundle contains almost all of our add on's at a serious discounted price!

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