Customer Loyalty Points System for X-Cart 4.0.x and 3.5.x

Customer Loyalty Points System for X-Cart 4.0.x and 3.5.x
Reward your repeat customers!!

This is a fully featured, highly customizable customer points rewards system for X-Cart.

Admin Features:
  • Automatic points system. It will give points when an order is processed or completed. Will also take away points for an order that is later set to Declined, failed, etc
  • General overall points collection rate for the store configurable on a per membership basis.
  • Ability to have different points for different products that over-rides the general points rate.
  • Give and take away customer points for any reason with a notes area to leave yourself a note (great for rewarding filling out surveys, signing up for membership, reviewing a product, etc)
  • Ability to specify which products are not allowed to be paid for with points
  • Able to display customer's points from any template.
  • Running user log of when points were added/subtracted and for what reason
Customer Features:
  • Customer can see the points he/she has earned by clicking on modify profile (or anywhere else on the store you decide to display it).
  • Customer has the option to pay with points.
  • Paying with points is selectable like any other payment method.
  • Customers can mix and match paying with points and cash/credit card.
  • Customers can view the amount of points earned per order and used per order in their order history.

This is available for X-cart versions 3.4.x , 3.5.x, and 4.0.x GOLD

Note: This install is more involved than most of our installs. If you are not familiar with X-cart you may want to have us install this for you. Please check out the readme file to see what the install entails.

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Compatible with: X-cart 3.5.x, X-cart 4.0.X, x-cart 4.1.x
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