Glossary Modification

Glossary Modification
Now you can educate your customers without taking them away from your products. Any words you choose are highlighted AUTOMATICALLY in your product descriptions and offer pop up floating info boxes when you hover over them.

This ultra-configurable modification has these incredible features:

  • Case-insensitive matching
  • Linked words, "cell phone", "cellular phone" and "mobile phone" can all share one definition
  • You can activate / de-activate words easily
  • Easy installation
  • Works with products, static pages, and virtually any text on your shop!
  • Batch import and export for easy management and quick backup
  • You can use full HTML and smarty in the definitions
  • This modification uses the very reliable and compatible overlib library to display definitions
  • You can customize this modification's behavior so that found words can link to other pages, trigger a javascript function, or anything else you can think of!

For a demo click here

Compatible with: 3.X to 4.5.X
Price: $69.95
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