Remember Me Login for X-Cart

Remember Me Login for X-Cart

These days most Internet users have more passwords than they can remember, and trying to retrieve password information by remembering email addresses or login names can be a frustrating experience.? For this reason, counting on your customers to remember their login information can cost you sales.

This mod can eliminate that problem by adding a "Remember Me" checkbox to your store as part of the Member Login box.? When checked, the person's login information is remembered, and upon returning to the store at a later date, they are logged in automatically and their previous cart contents are remembered.

This allows you to:

  • Increase sales by reducing customer confusion over lost accounts.
  • Increase conversion rates by removing the login step from the checkout process.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by removing confusion over lost passwords.
  • Increase access to logged in only features, including wishlists, real-time shipping, and order tracking.
  • Decrease need for customer support due to lost accounts.
  • Decrease multiple accounts by reducing customers who re-register.

This truly is a MUST HAVE MOD mod for every x-cart store.

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