Special Offer

Pre-launch Personal offer page.


First let me thank you, you were one of the active community on the x-cart forum site that showed interested in our product, and you took the time out to respond to my personal message regarding your shop order levels, OS and number of customers accounts.

As a thank you we would like to offer you the chance to purchase the full version of Marketing Manager plus all the add on modules below for an extra special heavily discounted price.

Please note this offer is not valid to people who were not personally invited or who did not take the time to respond to my private messages on the forum.

This personal offer gives you the chance to purchase the following:

  • Marketing Manager X-cart Gold edition (normally $99.00)
  • Search Pack Add On (normally $15.95)
  • Report Pack Add on (normally $15.95)
  • Export Pack Add on (normally $12.95)
  • Froogle Pack Add on (normally $12.95)
  • Installation if you require it (normally $15.00)

    Normal price is currently $171.00

    We're offering all of the above to you for only $99.95 in total, a total saving of $71.

Full details of features that Marketing Manager has are available here on our site, please feel free to browse before deciding.

In order for this offer to be valid though please purchase it using the buttons below. Our shop does not have this offer on it.

Remember Marketing manager does not affect your x-cart installation in anyway and seamlessly works along side both the admin and the database.

Any question please email me directly angelo@firetank.net

We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, American Express cards.

Sorry offer has ended



Anyone applying for this offer who did not receive a private invitation will have their order cancelled.