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"I've just upgraded from Marketing Manager 1 to Marketing Manager 3, guys I just had to drop an email and let you know how impressed I am"
M Chappel- Specialtech
"Thanks for the no charge mod fix! I appreciate it very much. It is getting hard to find anybody as nice as you have been. The service is Great, Marketing Manager 3.0 Bundle is awesome. I can't believe the features for the price. I have bought a lot of mods, but this one has been the Best value by far! I love it! Thanks for a Great Product and Great Value!
Have a Great Day..."

Danny - Silveratheart.com
"We own the Marketing Manager Pro and love it"
Piyush Patel, plstuidos.com
"MM pro 3.0 is excellent, well done!"
Duncan Graham, funkydunk.com
"Man I love the new features!!!"
Greg Keith, Dogbytecomputers.com

"The new MM is absolutely stunning. I know I can be a pain sometimes, but I always give credit where it is due.

And so, I have just posted at X-Cart.

You guys have outdone yourselves. Simply brilliant.

Traffic Monitor is my primary source of entertainment and recreation. You have guys have done an amazing job on it."
Anand, adpromods.com

"We spent thousands of euro's on advertising and promotions. After we used marketing manager for the first time we gained 40% in sales just by using targeted mail!"
E. Oldeman - Crossworlds

"In our specialised market we have achieved an incredible buy rate of 40% on our new products when we target our existing customers using Marketing Manager, our initial $150 investment has made us an additional $11,460 revenue in three months. We've made exceptional use of the froogle mod, and the ability to see exactly what we have made in seconds has meant we can be more dynamic in our markting strategy and budget."
Dennis Wijnschenk -

"OUTSTANDING!!! The upgrade is much more than I hoped for. And SO fast too. Keep up the good work!" 
Robin Sampson - Homeschool-books.com
"You guys have blown me away so far" - "I cant believe what you guys have done it's awesome!!" 
Alex Brecher - 123language.com and SuccessfulHosting.com

"Your marketing tools are excellent! I was able to make some major business decisions based on the information provided by Marketing Manager."
Robin Sampson - HeartOfWisdom.com

"I think Marketing Manager is going to get real popular and I like the idea of the plug in modules" 
Colin Aub - Warhawkindustries.com
"I'm seriously impressed, I love being able to see what visitors are doing on my site, the traffic monitor is incredibly useful, the search engine monitor has gives us priceless information every day in a format even I can understand"
T Cottam - TGC

"I appreciate your tips, my pay per click costs have gone down and my hits went up. Per your tips, I closely analysed the search engine data and my x-cart search engine and found out that I was using the wrong search terms in my pay-per-clicks. I've switched them and I'm ranked #1 on two search terms yielding hundreds of visitors! I disabled the other loser terms"
George - musicianslibrary.com

"It's so fast! Wonderful! We would normally spend hours sorting through repeat customers by hand"
VJandoo - domain withheld