X-Cart Add on Modules

X-Cart Add on Modules

X-cart POWER Add on's

The Ultimate X-cart add on Must Have Series

If you have never used Marketing Manager Pro or the stand alone add ons with your site, you literally have no idea how many potential sales you have been losing. X-cart owners have been using Marketing Manager for years and for very good reason!

Now in it's 3rd version Marketing Manager Pro is bigger and more powerful than ever, bang for bucks theres nothing to touch it, if your just starting out it can help you reach your goals faster.

If you already have a customer base then you MUST purchase this product, it helps you gain more sales from your EXISTING customers overnight.


Marketing Manager Professional 3.0 Bundle for X-cart
SAVE $503! All of our X-cart Add ons, in one bundle, no other x-cart bolt on can generate this level of enthusiasm. Welcome to one that does, this is our flagship product bundle It contains ALL of our Add On's at a brilliant price in one system! These would normally cost you $699.50 seperately, get them ALL for only $195.95.

Our price: $195.95
Normal Price: $699.50 save 72%

Marketing Manager V3 Standard For X-cart!
The ultimate X-cart Marketing tool for your x-cart Gold or X-cart Pro powered site.

Find out why customers around the world love what Marketing Manager does for their site, sales, customers retention and more!

Our price: $99.95
Normal Price: $149.95 save 33%

Traffic, Visitor and referer Monitor for X-cart
Track your x-cart customers and hits! Find out whats going on on your x-cart site! View live customer activity on your shop, see which pages they visit, how long they spend on the site.

Search engine KEYWORD tracking, tells you what people have typed into the major search engines to find your site for ANY time period.

Referrer tracking. See which sites send you visitors for any time period.

Campaign tracking, track clicks from your newsletters, from paid campaigns or simply from other sites.

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $79.95 save 38%

Customer Search Add on and emailer for X-cart
X-cart EMAIL TARGETTING! Filter through your customer accounts and send them targeted sales emails based on search criteria like repeat/loyal customers and your bargain hunting customers. Also search by user login dates, and order spending amounts, customer location and more

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $59.95 save 17%

Export ADD on module for Marketing Manager
Add extra Export options to X-cart and Marketing Manager and our Search pack for text file output and CSV output of customer details to all your customer search modules.

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $59.95 save 17%

Newsletter sender and Newslist Control Add on
Send thousands of Newsletter emails in professional multipart HTML and Plain text format.

Take FULL control of your X-cart mailing newsletter mailing list with our News List Control add on.

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $69.95 save 29%

Profit Reports Add on for x-cart
Use Profit Report Pack for X-cart to find out EXACTLY what real profit you make from all products sold during any time period.

AND find out your true profit in any order, based on your TRADE cost.

Includes full export CSV and print options too!

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $69.95 save 29%

Report Add On Module for X-cart
Add extra reports to your x-cart admin for category revenue/performance and annual revenue breakdown.

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $69.95 save 29%

Wish List, Reviews, Inventory Viewer add on
- View what is in your x-cart customer wish lists and send them an email.

- View all product reviews on your x-cart site at a glance for easy editing

- View and export your product Inventory levels and pricing to screen, to print and also to CSV files.

Our price: $29.95
Normal Price: $39.95 save 25%

X-cart Ebay add on module
Ebay Description Generator add on for x-cart.

Use your shop data to generate ebay description for your auctions in seconds. Save loads of time while looking more professional.

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $69.95 save 29%

X-cart Froogle Output Module (no longer available)
This product is no longer available, it has been replaced with our new product specifically for feeds call the Feed Manager series, please see the shopping feed category for details.

Our price: $59.95