X-Cart Customer Conversion Package

X-Cart Customer Conversion Package

Our Customer Conversion package provides the three most powerful conversion and upselling modules available, allowing you to not only increase your customer conversion, but to do so with larger order totals!

As a package, these three modules intuitively walk your customer through your store, offering them recommendations based on their selections through the process.

The ezUpsell module makes the step between adding a product and checkout more intuitive, allowing them a choice to continue shopping, or to proceed to checkout, while upselling your customers!? Once they enter the checkout process, ezCheckout increases customer conversion by streamlining the payment process.? During checkout, ezRecommends allows for further upselling of recommended products before their checkout is complete!

After a customer adds a product to their cart, by default x-cart gives you two options: have them remain on the same page, or be pushed directly into their shopping cart.? The first option can leave the customer confused as to if the product has been added, while the second can result in lost sales by pushing them into the checkout too quickly.? The solution to this problem?... give them the option while upselling them at the same time!

Click here for details: ezUpsell

Improve the default X-Cart checkout process with this module and retain customers through your checkout process! eMarketer reports that over 65% of buyers leave their Shopping Carts in mid-purchase.

By streamlining the check-out process of your shopping cart, you will increase your conversion of visitors into paying customers.? The purchase of this addon will increase your sales conversion and result in happier, less frustrated customers.

Click here for details: ezCheckout

Ask and most businesses will tell you... the key to their success is upselling. Think of your main business as helping customers, and upselling is easy. Chances are your customers need a lot more than the first solution they consider. This addon for x-cart allows you to think about the problems your customers come to you with and offer them more robust solutions.

This addon adds a step to the checkout process, after login, prior to payment method, which displays recommended products.

Click here for details: ezRecommends

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