X-Cart Mods by Usage

X-Cart Mods by Usage

Help! There's so much to choose from, where do I start?

EASY! Right here. In this section we categorise X-cart mods and X-cart Add ons by the areas you can use them in. We hope you find this a useful guide to the many different ways you can have your x-cart shop customised with mods.

Whats the difference between an X-cart Add on and an X-cart Mod?

X-cart Add On's (*see note below)
X-cart add ons are designed to be installed without affecting you're x-cart upgrade patches or x-cart database. These are the safest way to enhance your x-cart.

( * relates only FiretankSoftware developed Add Ons, other developers often mis name products and thier add ons are actually modifications which do affect your x-car t)

X-cart Mods
X-cart mods or x-cart modifications, are named so because they involve modifying core code in the shopping cart, some mods may affect upgrade patches, please always ensure a professional installs your modifications as they require HTML, TPL and sometimes PHP knowledge and a basic understanding of the x-cart system.

X-cart Templates
X-cart templates or X-cart Skin as it may be called, are ready made templates intended to be installed on new installs of x-cart. A template changes the appearance of the store, depending on the complexity of it, it may also add features or change how portions work.

Lets get started, choose a section to see what we have for that task!