X-cart Search Engine Optimisation

X-cart Search Engine Optimisation


Customers Also Bought Modification for X-cart
Displays products which other customers have bought along side the one being displayed. Just like Amazon does.

Our price: $39.95

ezRecommends for X-Cart
An online version of candy at the checkout stand... increase your sales by upselling your customers recommended products during the checkout process!

Our price: $79.99
Normal Price: $99.99 save 20%

Glossary Modification
Superb easy addition to your site. Any words you choose are highlighted AUTOMATICALLY in your product descriptions and offer pop up floating info boxes when you hover over them.

Our price: $69.95

Multiple Upselling Links for X-cart
This is a must have X-cart mod for stores with 100+ products! Save hundreds of hours of time by using this mod to cross sell your products!

Increase your search engine rankings by cross selling your products!!

Our price: $39.95

Newest Added products list for x-cart
Automatically lists the most recently added products on any x-cart page you wish. Just like our homepage does.

Our price: $29.95

Product Meta Tags Plus!
Have complete control of your product meta keywords and product meta descriptions!

Our price: $24.95
Normal Price: $29.95 save 17%

X-cart Site Map (advanced sitemap)
A fully controllable Site Map x-cart mod for your X-cart site. Shows all category levels, all products, all pages and more. Now works with HTML catalog too! Works for X-cart 3.X and X-cart 4.X

Our price: $49.95
Normal Price: $69.95 save 29%