X-cart Site Inspector Scan for X-cart 3 and 4. LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONAL OFFER!

X-cart Site Inspector Scan for X-cart 3 and 4. LIMITED TIME PROMOTIONAL OFFER!
NEW FEATURES: Now scans X-cart 3 and X-cart 4 sites and sends you an emailed report.

Run it as many times as you want on your site during your subscription period.

Do you really know what weak area your site may have? You may be suprised at how much is available to a would be hacker, if your x-cart wasn't installed properly, or you forgot to do certain things.

Buy 3 months (extendable) of access to the the Firetank X-cart Site Inspector scanner for your site, during this time you can run it as many times as you wish on your chosen domain.

Continually updated! We add new checks as we discover them, our scanner will run over 45 tests on your site.

Our scanner helps you determine what potential weakness your site may have.

The Firetank security scanner will run through a series of tests and report back to you exactly what is accessable on your site and what is locked down. The scan will also give you advice on how to fix any weakness.


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If your domain name is Myshop.com the email you use must have myshop.com in it.

We will NOT authorise a scan until you respond to the email (must match domain) we send to the address you enter below.

Our scanner

** All prices are per domain.
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Compatible with: 3.X.X and 4.X.X branch
Price: $39.95
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